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The sole aim of GREEK AIRPORTS PROJECT is the longer and full as possible support of the Greek dominion in the
                 FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004 & X-Plane

Until today, and within the 3 years of it's operation, it has issued in total 23 airports covering this way the area of the  Aegean Sea with Chios, Mytilini, Samos, Milos,Paros,Naxos,Ikaria,Skiathos the Dodecanese with the  International Airport of  "DIAGORAS RHODES" , Kalymnos,Leros,Astypalaia Central Greece with Ioannina.
Macedonia with the Airport of Kavala "Alexander The Great", the (famous scenery) International Airport of Salonica "Makedonia",Kastoria, Kozani, Veria, Chalkidiki the Northeastward Aegean Sea with the extremely rich Gmaxfx Airport of the Island of Limnos but also the Ionian Sea with the Airport of Kefalonia, Zakynthos and the military civil Airport of Araxos.


Therefore with the choices of this years we have accomplished to cover many corners of strategic importance for the domestic flights while our sole aim was to make our beloved Flight Simulator more comprehensive and realistic. Moreover, another one of our important choices is the hospitality of the logos of both the Greek Tourism Organization and recently the Logos of all the Virtual Organizations acting in the Greek dominion since we believe that only via the cooperation and the support of all we may optimize our hobby. You can also learn more here about how to do anal bleaching.

We want everyone in Greece, Europe and all around the world, to know about our country and how it is developing. Airports open many possibilities for tourism, trade and infrastructure. We will keep track of the changes and update our site so that our visitors will know the latest news. In any case, we hope that you will enjoy our free of charge job and you will live your myth in our Greek Airports.